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Our Products



  • Ecurrency - Perfect Money, Bitcoin, WebMoney, NETELLER, Paypal and  Entromoney are always available. Check our home page for prices
  • Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting - Our domain name and web hosting offer 99.9% up time and prices as low as N8,000 per anum depending on the data storage size.

    - 1GB Disk Space + 20 Emails @ N8000
    - 2
    GB Disk Space + 20 Emails @ N14000
    - 3GB Disk Space + 20 Emails @ N20,000
    - 4
    GB Disk Space + 20 Emails @ N26,000

    - 5GB Disk Space + 20 Emails @ N32,000
    10GB Disk Space + 20 Emails @ N62,000

    - Standard web design starts from N30,000 in addition to the cost above.
  • Data Sale and VTU - We sell cheap data for your internet browsing, cheaper than you making direct subscription on your own. We can subcribe for you MTN and Etisalat internet browsing at the following prices:

    MTN:  [1GB - N1,300], [10GB - N13,000]
    Etisalat: [500MB - N1000], [1GB - N1,300], [10GB - N10,000]
  • Roaming SIMs (UK and USA) We offer free roaming SIMs of USA and UK SIMs via our parent site Please contact us for more details. 
  • Fax Broadcast ( We offer faxhero and worldfax service via our parent site Please contact us for more details.
  • SMTP and RDP: We offer reliable SMTP and RDP connections. Please contact us for details.
  • Bulk SMS Service (